Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So, apparently my rasta man is knuckling my arse according to the HR lady...oh before i go on the term 'knuckle' means to cheat, here on the sunny island of Antigua. Nothing i should be worried about then - apparently if you miss a loop when wearing a belt you're being 'knuckled' - yeah. ok then.

Well i say 'sunny island of Antigua' but for how long?? With the looming possibility of Hurricane Bill, now affectionately being termed as "Kill Bill' by my friendly co-worker, I am quite worried, to say the least. I mean c'mon?! Am i now supposed to pack away all my belongings? Buy tinned food and plywood to protect my windows?? YES, would be the answer according to government advice.

I've only experienced two hurricanes in my short life and none i can barely remember - back in london in the late eighties, early nineties. I'm a beginner to these weather conditions, i'm so used to cold dark winters, bleak summers and sunny easters, more than the occasional downpour and freezing scrape-the-ice-off-your-car-window mornings. I am no way prepared for "Kill Bill"(apparently now hitting category 4 status WTF!!). My beautiful new paradise home what will become of it??

Oh my, the drawbacks of living in the i look out my window all i can see is blue skies, a few clouds and sun...but for how long?

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