Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Oh me oh my. Today is not a good day. For the past week I've been dreaming about my family and friends back in london. What does this mean? I guess it means that I miss them loads plus my sis had a baby last week and my auntie had one a few weeks back. I cannie wait for christmas.

But on the whole I've had a good week - interviewed some interesting people, some movers and shakers in entertainment here on the island. Rohan Hector - man behind the soca band El-A-Kru, Whitney - the man who owns Antigua's oldest sound system, Stonewall, and Adam and Angelo who own Abracadabra's - a club in English Harbour which is celebrating its 25th season this year.

I wish I could sound more excited but i just wanna go home 4 a week...feeling trapped - help.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So, apparently my rasta man is knuckling my arse according to the HR lady...oh before i go on the term 'knuckle' means to cheat, here on the sunny island of Antigua. Nothing i should be worried about then - apparently if you miss a loop when wearing a belt you're being 'knuckled' - yeah. ok then.

Well i say 'sunny island of Antigua' but for how long?? With the looming possibility of Hurricane Bill, now affectionately being termed as "Kill Bill' by my friendly co-worker, I am quite worried, to say the least. I mean c'mon?! Am i now supposed to pack away all my belongings? Buy tinned food and plywood to protect my windows?? YES, would be the answer according to government advice.

I've only experienced two hurricanes in my short life and none i can barely remember - back in london in the late eighties, early nineties. I'm a beginner to these weather conditions, i'm so used to cold dark winters, bleak summers and sunny easters, more than the occasional downpour and freezing scrape-the-ice-off-your-car-window mornings. I am no way prepared for "Kill Bill"(apparently now hitting category 4 status WTF!!). My beautiful new paradise home what will become of it??

Oh my, the drawbacks of living in the tropics...as i look out my window all i can see is blue skies, a few clouds and sun...but for how long?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

mid-week melodrama

Ok not so frantic today (Thank the Lord) just had my first presentation which went well. My mum's been here for almost 3 weeks and she's leaving Sunday so we're going out for a meal this evening - whooooo!

I say "Whoooo!" simply cos i don't get a chance to do these things a lot here - i used to love eating out in London (when i was flossing - before the income support section of my life lol). And I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time with mummy before she leaves and i dont see her again until chrimbo.

So we're going to a restaurant called Trappas down English Harbour...should be good.

Me and rasta man had a lil disagreement last night - he called my mum a "lazy arse" and i was like "don't disrespect my mum" and he was like "well she's disrepected me" and i was like "well thats no reason" oh my sometimes i wonder...?? He said he didnt feel it was disrespectful but if the shoe was on the other foot im sure he would have something to say!

Without getting into all the details everything's been resolved - we almost back to lovin again, I just need to see his big-head come lunch time so he can apologise properly cos the half - sorry he gave this mornin just didnt cut it - men.

Anyways Im at work a lil hungry - i have fish and rice in the fridge that i left from yesterday to eat and feelin a lil lazy - not much to do but still enough to be getting on with.

its a lil rainy today so no sun on my back from the window behind me with a view of St. John's town and harbour looking out towards the Caribbean sea - its no wonder im only entitled to 2 weeks off a year - as everyday feels like a holiday!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

work-related issues

ok so im here sitting at work feeling naucious...sometimes im just too fast - not thinking before i act. You see, ive been working in this job for 10 days now in the marketing dept and im in charge of the staff newsletter - really i shoulda stayed behind and seen it through to completion but as i said i was too fast and left my boss to email it to the relevant recipients! Why oh why?? Now my boss forgot to convert the newsletter to a pdf format and now the whole building is unable to read the newsletter - its my fault not hers - i feel she's probably tryna teach me a lesson but ive learnt it already...plus im due to apologise - thats once she gets in!

anyways apart from that im good just tryna build my lil empire before i leave this earth - ive quit smoking for the 10th time which is good - u should 'never give up giving up' the experts say so i intend not to. Work is keeping me busy anyways so im good.

where is my boss?? she needs to just hurry up and come in...i cant take this waiting!

never more have i felt trapped!