Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Oh me oh my. Today is not a good day. For the past week I've been dreaming about my family and friends back in london. What does this mean? I guess it means that I miss them loads plus my sis had a baby last week and my auntie had one a few weeks back. I cannie wait for christmas.

But on the whole I've had a good week - interviewed some interesting people, some movers and shakers in entertainment here on the island. Rohan Hector - man behind the soca band El-A-Kru, Whitney - the man who owns Antigua's oldest sound system, Stonewall, and Adam and Angelo who own Abracadabra's - a club in English Harbour which is celebrating its 25th season this year.

I wish I could sound more excited but i just wanna go home 4 a week...feeling trapped - help.

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