Tuesday, August 11, 2009

work-related issues

ok so im here sitting at work feeling naucious...sometimes im just too fast - not thinking before i act. You see, ive been working in this job for 10 days now in the marketing dept and im in charge of the staff newsletter - really i shoulda stayed behind and seen it through to completion but as i said i was too fast and left my boss to email it to the relevant recipients! Why oh why?? Now my boss forgot to convert the newsletter to a pdf format and now the whole building is unable to read the newsletter - its my fault not hers - i feel she's probably tryna teach me a lesson but ive learnt it already...plus im due to apologise - thats once she gets in!

anyways apart from that im good just tryna build my lil empire before i leave this earth - ive quit smoking for the 10th time which is good - u should 'never give up giving up' the experts say so i intend not to. Work is keeping me busy anyways so im good.

where is my boss?? she needs to just hurry up and come in...i cant take this waiting!

never more have i felt trapped!

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